The year is 1984, and your friend has gone missing. It is up to you to use you 1980's modern hacking skills to solve the mystery of your friends disappearance and perhaps bring down an evil corporation in the process.

This is based loosely on the tv shows and movies of the 80's, where hacking was easy and passwords were very easy to figure out. There are some 80's references hidden in there for those able to find them (and old enough to remember them).

Essentially, your goal is to obtain a high enough security level to access and print the necessary documents to prove what has been happening. (There are three pieces of evidence that need to be printed.) There is a story hidden in there - most of it presented minimally, but if you can read between the lines, there is a bit more going on than first appears. You won't have your hands held and be guided through the story. You are on your own.

Also, you may need a paper and pen to help. This is the eighties after all.

PS: Don't forget the most important command "HELP". you will need it.

(Also: The number 1 key on the numpad doesn't work. It's a rubbish 1980's keyboard. It doesn't need to anyway. Luckily.)

Created for the No Shit Sherlock Jam.

Install instructions

Some Mac users may have trouble running this game. You may get a message saying that it is from an unidentified developer, or it might say that the app is corrupted. This is due to security settings within the new Mac operating systems. I am not a known developer, so it won't allow the game to run. To overcome this problem, and to get an understanding of why it is there, read the following article that will allow you to fix the problem if you choose to do so. Otherwise, you can just play the HTML5 version online.


Download 7 MB
Download 7 MB